Monday, July 16

Baby Shower!

Our friends at church threw us a baby shower yesterday. It was so nice! There was lots of good food, sweet people, and presents. It was a family event with lunch and everything, so it was like a big party with lots of kids playing, babies in swings, even the guys were there. We received so many beautiful and useful presents for our daughter - it was wonderful! Thank you so much to everyone who came and gave so generously to us. Thank you also to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a lovely event. And a special thanks goes to the Sliders and the Glovers who remembered William and got him some special presents too! :)


Aaron & Angela Hanke said...

We are thinking of you and praying everything goes well with labor and delivery. I'm glad you had such a nice baby shower. All those diapers will be handy. How's Jon feeling?

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