Sunday, April 1

William's BIG boy bed!

Since William now has the ability to climb out of his crib and almost out of his pack n' play, we decided we had to get him a different bed, NOW! We were going to wait it out until his sister needed his crib and then move him into a real bed, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So yesterday we went back for a bed we had seen at Baby Depot. It was so nice, with a drawer under it and everything. When we got there, the lady said they didn't have any in stock, nor would they be getting more in. So, she sold us the floor model for a discount! SCORE!! It was great: it was cheaper than we were expecting, plus we didn't have to put it together! And Dave and Holley were nearby with their Jeep, so they came over to pick it up. It went right into the back and we were set. Plus, I found the cute truck picture on sale...sweet! :)
We were a little nervous about how he'd do all night since he could just get up and wander if he woke up. Well, at 6 this morning, I saw a light and heard singing. I noticed our door had been pushed open and here was our little guy standing in front of the TV - I wish I had the camera! He had turned on Dr. Stanley of all people; I'm glad it was him...who knows what else could have been on at that time! It was hilarious - I woke Jonathan up to show him. Then William and I went back to his room where I rocked him back to sleep. (He usually sleeps until 8:30 or 9 so 6 was still a little too early for us!) Not bad for his first night in his big boy bed. :)


Josh & Annie Hill said...

Awe.... how sweet. I am sure he just LOVES his big boy bed! Some of the best times we have is when Noah runs into our room in the morning. I LOVE IT! He always goes to Josh's side, and Josh puts him in the bed, and then he cuddles up with his mommy......Good job on the bed deal! I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!

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