Monday, April 9

Easter eggs!

William went on his first Easter egg hunt yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Maybe he was just a little disinterested, but he didn't exactly get the hang of it. He didn't want to hold his basket or put eggs in it - he just wanted one in each hand to run around with. He did like to put the eggs up in the little bird house though and take eggs out of his basket. It's a good thing this egg hunt was all for him, because as Aunt Holley said, if he were competing against anyone else, he would definitely lose! It was fun to watch and he had the most fun just being outside. And Easter isn't about eggs anyways, right! Oh, and Jonathan hopes everyone notices that William (and he) is wearing a Gator shirt! :)


Josh & Annie Hill said...

Definately noticed the gator shirts! WoooHoo!!!! Did he love all the candy?? We are still trying to get Noah off the ceiling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for posting the pictures from today so quickly. I really enjoyed viewing them.

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