Sunday, March 25

A Day at the Beach!

Well, it was more like an afternoon, but it was nice! :) This was William's first time at the beach too, which was very exciting for all of us. With Jonathan's crazy schedule at Publix, we never had a chance to go before. We thought back and the last time we were at the beach was on our honeymoon! Anyway, this time it was much different, obviously. We were so eager to see William's reaction to the water, which wasn't too suprising...he hated it! It was pretty cold and I didn't really blame him not wanting to get in. He had much more fun shoveling sand and running around, of which he did plenty! He chased some seagulls and some girls who were body boarding - he loves the girls! He did get quite wet when he fell down and got washed over by a wave, so at least he experienced just about everything you can at the beach.

Sand feels funny!

Ooh, it's wet! (Love those white legs!)

Digging! This is more like it!

Help, mommy!

Snack time!

Our own little beach space

Self portrait :)


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