Monday, February 19

New days are here

Today was the beginning of a different way of life for all of us. Jonathan started his new job in Tampa, while William and I finished arranging the new house. The move went quickly and we're all settled in. There's just a few more pictures to put up. Well, William's room is waiting to be all set - his new bedroom decorations come tomorrow and his toddler bed hopefully within a week. Yep, he's moving to a big bed - mommy can't bend over that big crib with her growing belly much longer.
So Jonathan had a good first day. He got a great apartment and found out about his car - coming tomorrow. It sounds pretty awesome; a 2007 Nissan Altima, that doesn't even start with a key! He's the first guy in the whole company to have a 2007 car. Apparently they haven't seen the inside of his current car, otherwise they might rethink this offer. But he has strict instructions (from me) to keep it immaculate. I'll be checking on it every weekend, when I get to drive it! :) he he

So he's doing well and so is William. His vocabulary and understanding is expanding leaps and bounds. Some days he just blows you away with what he does and comprehends. Tonight he was putting on my shoes - he especially likes crocs! It was pretty cute. He has a new way of falling asleep too - just like Uncle Dave when he was little - on his belly and butt high in the air. He even crosses his little feet. So cute!!

And I'm doing well too. Pretty worn out and tired, but well. I had a good report from the mid-wife last Friday. I've only gained 7 pounds so far (pretty good for 18 weeks) and she even said I could gain more I made chocolate chip cookies today! :) Don't worry, I'm not eating them all myself. I've stopped working part time so that William and I can go stay with Jonathan often. We'll probably be going south in 2 weeks. So if you're in Lakeland or any surrounding areas, we'll see you soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Guess he will need some crocs of his own, I've seen alot of little ones with them on up here. Will need your new address so email it later.

Love all the updates.

Aunt Pam

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