Friday, February 23

Another thumb sucker???

I had another ultrasound today to clear up some questions they had about the placenta after the first ultrasound. There was concern that I had placenta previa, which means a c-section and possible complications for me and the baby. Throughout this past week, I had come to terms with having a c-section; I mean I wouldn't mind going in one day knowing that in 20 minutes or so, I'd have my baby, without any labor and all that crap! However, the complications, which can be many, were very worrysome. Thankfully, it is only a low-lying placenta, which is great news!! I got some more pictures of the baby, who was still lounging around with its legs spread wide apart and hands near its head. This picture looks like we could have another thumb sucker!?

The baby is doing great and since daddy couldn't wait to see if mommy was right in her prediction, we went ahead and found out what we're having. (He's got no willpower at all! :)) We were pretty sure last week, but it was confirmed today. Better get to Target or somewhere and buy some pink stuff, because it's a GIRL!!! I'm 2 for 2 now - there's just something to that mother's intuition! :)


The Aaron Hanke Family said...

That was my guess! Congrats!

FYI Charles is sucking his thumb now. He puts his finger on his nose and everything. He started this yesterday at daycare and did it for me at home when he was falling asleep. Once I get a picture I'll be sure to blog it.

soccerkcs said...

Congratulations! That's awesome!

Josh & Annie Hill said...

YEAH!!!!! A GIRL!!!! That was my vote too!!!! Congratulations! I hit the 20 lb mark last week. YIKES! Look out, here comes the big momma!

Have fun buying all those adorable little girl clothes! Seriously! I dont think i would be able to control myself, or my mother!!!!

The Fallin "Four" said...

Big momma, hardly!! I saw your bowling look amazing!! I don't know where you put those 20 pounds - I think you're doing GREAT!!!

I have to admit, I've been buying pink stuff for a while now. ;-) I figured if I was wrong, Dave and Holley could use it sooner or later! :) It is fun buying girlie stuff, there's some super cute stuff out there! I just have no idea what to do with the closet FULL of boys stuff!?

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