Saturday, January 27

Baby update

Since some of you are wondering about the little, little one, I should reassure you that everything's OK. I had my first appointment yesterday and it went really well. Since it was the first time seeing the midwives, it was an hour and a half-long ordeal, but they are so thorough and caring, you don't mind taking the extra time. They did a head-to-toe physical (never had that with Dr. Mammel), drew blood to run all of the normal tests, and said I'm in great shape. Before all of that though, they took a lot of time going through my history and just got to know me and vice versa. It was really nice. Then I heard the baby's heartbeat, which was good and strong. I'll go back in another month for a check-up and at that time we'll schedule an ultrasound with the doctor, since they don't do them there. I'm sure I'll have pictures to post then, but we're still thinking we'd like to keep this one a surprise. It's no surprise to me; I just know what it is (I was right with William), but we'll just have to wait to see if I'm right! :)


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