Friday, October 20

He's at it again!

You shouldn't laugh at your kids, especially when they're upset. But when they do something funny, some days you have to grab the camera and have a good laugh! And we did just that this morning! William was back to dragging Jonathan's controller all over the house and he was doing great until the heavy controller got stuck on the leg of the table. William had the other side draped around his neck and when he got to the kitchen it came off. He pulled on the cord, but it wouldn't budge. He couldn't see that it was stuck, and even if he could, he didn't know how to fix it, so he sat himself down and cried. Not too fun to listen to, but funny to watch!
This is how it went...

Oooh, my toy, yeah!!

I got it just the way I like it now!

Yep, it sure is good! Look Daddy, I'm getting it all slobbery!

What's the deal, something ain't right...

Ahh man, it's stuck. I'm gonna cry about it!


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