Friday, September 15

This guy really moves

Well, William has officially become an "almost walker!" He pulls up on EVERYTHING and walks himself around his toys and inside his pack n' play. He'll go from one support to another without falling. He has even climbed his first stair(s) and gotten himself onto the landing of our stairway and halfway up the first stair. He crawled yesterday too, instead of doing that scooting stuff, but today he was back to scooting. He loves to sit and swing open doors, pull all of the books off of the bookshelves, and unload all of the DVDs off of the towers. He's into anything and everything!! And he finally has 2 new teeth coming in too. None on the top yet, but all 4 on the bottom front.

He LOVES buttons. He will go straight for the tiny round power button on Jonathan's x-box and push it with his little index finger. He loves making the disc pop out too, which happens when he pushes the bigger button that lights up, but I've kept the whole thing unplugged lately so that he doesn't get it in the eye. And even though he has his own remote, he will take the tv one all over the house with him. Channels will change "on their own" all the time.

And he hasn't been the only busy one - I was on a sewing rampage yesterday. Between keeping track of and feeding him, I reupholstered the rocking chair in his room and made new curtains too. Since Jonathan and I couldn't decide on patterned fabric, we went with denim. I just have to recover the lampshade and then his new spot will be all set...for now.


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