Tuesday, September 5

Look at him go!

Well, we're into our new place and loving it! Everything's unpacked and put away with the exception of 2 or 3 small boxes. I can't guarantee that everything will stay where it is, but at least it's looking mostly neat and tidy. I think William loves all of the space the most. When I'm upstairs, I lock the gate and he is free to scoot all over the place. He mostly follows me wherever I go; I thought it was bad having a dog under my feet, but now I've got a baby there!

Daddy took these pictures of him crawling under his walker last night. Who knew it could also double as a jungle gym! :)

Yeah, so it doesn't look so neat in this picture, but we were rearranging baby stuff, (all of the stuff he's already outgrown in just 10 months) doing laundry and I had just undone one of the picture boxes, so it wasn't so great last night, but it's better today.

And this is the front of our place. We took this shot the day before we moved in. There's now a wreath up and a little turtle out front who says "Welcome!" It's starting to feel like home!


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