Friday, July 14

our newest pet

Buster found this little guy out in the back yard yesterday. He wasn't real impressed, but Jonathan and I thought he was pretty cute. His shell and coloring were so pretty! Jonathan moved him to the other side of the fence to keep safe from Buster...Not that he was really in any danger; Buster just stood there and barked at him. He's such a weinee! Anyway, we named him Tommy the Turtle, hoping that he will come back. We've got all kinds of "pets" out here in the country - turtles, frogs, skinks, hummingbirds, deer - you name it we've got it.

Yeah, and I STILL can't get a good shot of William's teeth! Everytime I pull out the camera he closes his mouth or gets that tongue in the way! Well that, or there's too much flash and it washes that tooth out. Oh well!


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