Monday, June 19

Back in Florida

So we got home late last night and I've just about got all of the laundry done and everything put away now. Man, unpacking is always my least favorite part of a trip, especially since I had to pack for 2 this time! Anyway, I got all of our pictures developed today and let me tell you, we've got a TON of them! :) I'm working on uploading them to our online photo album. As soon as they're up, I'll give you the address to check them out. In the meantime I'll try to give you all of the higlights of our trip. I wouldn't exactly call it a "highlight" but this is how traffic was on our way through Kentucky - totally stopped.

(Well, I would you some pictures here, but I can't get them to attach. So, I'll put them in another post... stay tuned.)

Anyway, at least we met some nice people on the road...literally! With this being William's first big road trip, we weren't exactly sure how he would do, but he was THE BEST little traveler. I couldn't imagine any baby being more agreeable to whatever came his way. We were all so proud and thankful that he was such a good boy! And he definitely GREW while we were gone...he gained a pound, he's become very aware of his surroundings, and he turns and reaches for everything that interests him! Jonathan said he could tell a huge difference in him when we got out of the car last night. And of course, Jonathan was certainly happy to see us; he tends to fall apart without mommy around! Any longer and he might not have made it! :)

Anyway, more to come later...


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